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  RDing Tech owns self QC department,SMT and CNC workshop,injection molding workshop,which proves that we can produce samples of PCBA and achieve massive production.We have various kinds of and all sizes of injection molding machines to process all plastic products,which means we are not only capable of providing superior service but also assure the quality, before-sales service and after-sales service from research to Theoretical research and practical products.......【More】

  RDing Tech has grown with a strong and complete R & D team. We design the structure of product, the electric circuit and develop software all by ourselves. And we are capable of controlling the core technique and system of products at a high level. Our engineers aim for providing high quality and professional services for our self-developed products and customization products. So far, we have over 40 core technology patents for our products.

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USB, Bluetooth, 2.4G foot switch

Replace any key on the keyboard and mouse, with stable and reliable performance.

1、foot switch
Customizable multifunctional keyboard and mouse.

Customizable keypad + microphone + speaker + USB drive + temperature and humidity sensor

USB temperature and humidity meter.

Plug and play, memory storage, remote monitoring, temperature alarm.

USB custom switch cable

Capable of connecting to any switch, easy to connect

4、USB sensor switch series
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