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footswitch software download pages not workingI can access everything on your website except for download pages. footswitch software download pages not working2023-08-04
API of DLL required for C# for TEMPerI have purchased a sample of the TEMPer temperature sensor and I need to be able to read the temperature from my C# application. 2023-07-25
Release functionFor FS17PRO, plz kindly add the "release" mode for the mouse button function.2023-07-03
No MAC softwareThere isn't software to download for the MAC2023-05-02
Multiple pedalsHi! I was wondering if it's possible to use, for example 4 separate of the same 1-button foot switches? Can the software handle that? 2023-03-26
Keyboard layoutWhat keyboard layout FootSwitch are using? If I try to set '+' it change it to '=' instead´. I can see the + mark when I press the key.2023-01-02
FS22 and Single FS20 Not Working Windows 10Bought FS22 & FS20 single switch from amazon. software configures but pushing switch produces no output at all2022-12-31
FS220Pro Not WorkingI ordered FS220Pro but Foot Switch v7.3.5 can't connect to the device. It returns error "Unable to read inserted device Firm Version: FS22-P_4.72022-12-31
Unable to read data from TEMPer1FWe integrated TEMPer1F. But with new ones with FW V3.9 do not work query Buffer.from('0180330100000000', 'hex'). How to ask for the data, please?2022-12-23
Saving Pedal to Software Freezes at 60%My FS2020 7.4.1 has been working fine, but now when I click "Save to key" it gets up to 60% and freezes. Reinstalling didn't fix it.2022-12-23
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