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    Network temperature monitoring system

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Network temperature monitoring system

1. Product description

LAN563A1 is an Internet-based detection and control device, which can be widely used in various automatic remote control, and can monitor and record data anytime and anywhere through mobile phones or computers. For example, district heating, district power distribution room, factory power distribution room, factory machinery and equipment, office and home automation, etc.

2. Hardware Features

1. Communication interface: network, USB, or WIFI;

2. Voltage or current input: 4 channels, 16bit AD, input voltage 0~10V, current 0~20mA (PCBA built-in 250 ohm 1W resistance);

3. Temperature input: 4 channels, support DS18B20 probe, TX probe of Ading Technology;

    Temperature measurement range: -40 to +120 degrees,

4, Voltage or current output: 2 channels, 12bit DA, DA IC corresponding time 4.5us, DA IC; Reference 2.048V, output voltage up to 10V, current up to 30mA;

3. Features of the software

3.1 Features

1. Access to the device requires password access to prevent hacker attacks.

2. The input parameters can be automatically converted by custom formulas and displayed in units;

3. Open TCP/IP communication commands, and USB communication commands are ASCII, that is, straight text, not hexadecimal. It is especially suitable for secondary development, directly embedding data into your own system.

4. The device has a built-in web server, which can check the running status of the device through IP, and can cross-platform desk operation.

5. The Web window can view data and control equipment, and set the logic conditions of input and output, automatic running.

6. The device has built-in remote access function, you can use the server of Ading Technology or you can customize it server.

7. Provide Android android software, allowing you to measure and control anytime, anywhere.

8. Provide a windows-based APP, and save the historical data directly to the file.

9. The APP provides real-time curves, lists, maximum and minimum values, and other viewing forms.

10. Provide email, skype, WeChat to view data.

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